If you have recently purchased a new washing machine but are wondering what you must do before washing your clothes in it, you have clicked on the right article.

As this confusion bothers numerous people around the globe, we have decided to take the matter into our hands and provide you with an answer once and for all.

So, should you run a new washing machine empty first? By reading this article, you will get familiar with the advantages of running your washing machine empty, with water only. You can also read some additional valuable information on this topic.

Let’s get started and discover more about these appliances and washing clothes!

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Should You Run a New Washing Machine Empty First?

After finally deciding on and buying a new washing machine, it is time to try it for the first time. But should you run a new washing machine empty first?

The answer is yes. Almost all of the washing machine manufacturers recommend running a complete cycle of the washing machine without the clothes inside. Doing this will help your washing machine get started, and more importantly, it will thoroughly clean and put the machine officially in function.

Moreover, besides running a new washing machine empty first, you need to do regular empty cycle maintenance washes. You can discover more about that in the continuation of this article.

What Is the Purpose of an Empty Cycle?

As you probably already know, manufacturers do various tests on their products before sending them to stores. In these tests, certain materials can stay inside the washing machine, and when you wash your clothes you can ruin them.

Therefore, as you want your clothes to come perfectly clean when they come out of the machine, you must ensure that all possible residue, dust, and other materials are removed from the washer. You can do that by running an empty cycle.

So, should you run a new washing machine empty first? Absolutely yes.

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How to Run an Empty Cycle

Although various washing machine models come with various empty cycle instructions, they are almost always the same or approximately the same. When someone says that you should run a new washing machine empty first, it means that you need to start an empty cycle.

You can do that by simply selecting the “Empty cycle” option on your washing machine. If your washing machine model does not have this option, you can select the “Rinse only” or “Spin only” option. 

Of course, you must ensure that there are no clothes in the washing machine and that you do not put any detergent or fabric softener in the detergent drawers.

How to run an empty cycle on a Samsung washing machine

As Samsung washing machines are maybe the most utilized ones worldwide, I wanted to give you a clear example of running an empty cycle with the washing machine of this brand. These instructions can apply to almost any other washing machine, so they might be helpful even though you have a different brand.

You can also check the washing machine’s manual as there are sure tips and instructions on what to do before you start using your washing machine and how to start the empty cycle.

  1. First, you must turn “On” your machine. Usually, you can do that by pressing the “On/Off” button.
  2. Turn “On” the water supply to the washing machine. If your washing machine is already installed, you can skip this step.
  3. Then, you must select the temperature by repeatedly pressing the temperature button until 104 ˚F (40 ˚C) is displayed.
  4. Finally, press the “Start/Pause” button, and the empty cycle will start.

Can an Empty Cycle Damage the Washing Machine?

After seeing that running an empty cycle is crucial for the optimal performance of the washing machine, you must be wondering if this cycle can damage your washer. The answer is no

Running an empty cycle will only benefit your further experience with the washer. On the contrary, if you do not run the empty cycle before washing clothes, you might notice that your clothes lack the pristine cleanness and freshness you would expect.

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Regular Empty Cycle Maintenance Washes

The manufacturer’s strict instructions on regular maintenance washes prove that empty cycles can only benefit your washing machine.

These washes should be performed once every few months to thoroughly clean your washing machine from any bacteria, unpleasant smell, residue, detergent, or cleaning products that might be left inside it.


Should you run a new washing machine empty first? Running a new washing machine empty before washing clothes is highly recommended by manufacturers. This initial empty cycle serves several purposes.

First, it helps the machine get started and ensures it is functioning properly. Second, it removes any residue, dust, or materials that may be present from the manufacturing and testing process, preventing them from affecting the cleanliness of your clothes.

It is important to note that an empty cycle will not damage the washing machine; instead, it enhances its performance and ensures optimal results.

In addition to the initial empty cycle, regular maintenance washes are advised to keep the machine clean and free from bacteria, unpleasant odors, and detergent build-up.

By following my recommendations, you may enjoy the best results and prolong the lifespan of your washing machine.