Every home has a washing machine as one of its essential household appliances. As everyone knows, washing machines are incredibly useful for keeping your clothes clean. With them, gone are the centuries of hand-washing clothes. 

Washing machines are appliances built to last, and many of them today are available as a combo of washer-dryer, so they can clean your clothes and dry them. But how many years should washing machine last?

If you have had your appliance for a while or are looking to buy a new one, you may wonder about its average lifespan.

Let’s find out the washing machine’s life expectancy!

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How Many Years Should Washing Machine Last?

The average lifespan of washing machines depends on the model of the appliance. Top-loading washing machines have a life expectancy of 7 to 14 years.

In comparison, front-loading washing machines should last 10 to 12 years, but depending on the brand, some can last even 20 years.

Overall, a high-quality washing machine has been built to manage your laundry issues for years despite their daily use. The life expectancy depends on the type of washing machine you own.

Fix before buying new

Many issues that might occur with a washing machine can be fixed in one of two ways: by checking if the issue is easily solvable by yourself, or if the issue is too complex, you should call a maintenance specialist.

If there are issues with the power on the washing machine, before hiring a maintenance specialist, you should check that no breakers have been tripped by checking the breaker box. Or, if the washing machine moves too much, you can level its feet or construct a level platform out of plywood to establish a level base.

You will need to contact a maintenance specialist for leaks or significant drainage issues if the washing machine does not start or fill due to a problem with the electronics and pump system or if a sock or item may have lodged in the machine.

Since the water handling system is so close to the electrical components, it is best to leave problem-solving to a trained professional. You want to avoid ending up electrocuting yourself.

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How to Prolong a Washing Machine’s Lifespan

If you want your washing machine to last longer, there are some things you should keep in mind as preventative measures.

Regularly check the water hose 

You should check the water hose of your washing machine regularly. Washing machines have a lot of water, which can damage them.

By checking the hose and connections regularly, you can ensure they are tight and do not leak. Consider turning off the washer’s water when it is not in use to lessen pressure on the water hose.

Avoid overloading 

You should avoid overloading your washing machine. It may seem easier to put everything at once and only run one wash cycle, but that will cost years from the washing machine’s life expectancy.

Wet garments weigh a lot, so filling the machine to the brim will force it to work harder and might cause problems with the motor. You can find the recommended load by reading your user’s manual and following its instructions.

Do not overuse detergent

A load of dirty clothes does not mean that you should put in too much detergent, and doing so makes the machine work harder and use more water to rinse the load.

You should make sure that you add the suggested amount of detergent. At the same time, you should ensure it is the right detergent for your washing machine.

Additionally, regularly clean out the dispensers for the detergent and fabric softener because too much residue can cause excessive suds and increase wear on your washing machine.

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So, how many years should washing machine last? Well, the answer depends on the type of appliance you have.

As I mentioned, front-loading washing machines last longer than top-loading ones, with the former having the capacity to last 20 years and the latter 12 years max. 

However, if you are careful when using your washing machine, it will last you for a while without issues.