Millions of households use washing machines to do their laundry. However, while washers are incredibly useful appliances, many forget that they can also pose a danger if not used properly.

So, what should I do if my washing machine is smoking? If you own a washing machine, you need to maintain it regularly and remember to monitor it during wash cycles to ensure no issues arise, like machine smell or smoke.

However, issues are possible as washers are electrical appliances. If you notice a smoking smell from the washer, you may wonder what you are supposed to do.

If that’s the case, continue reading and discover!

What Should I Do if My Washing Machine Is Smoking

What Should I Do If My Washing Machine Is Smoking?

If your washing machine is smoking, you should turn it off and unplug it from the power source. After that, you should ensure that you drain the water from inside the washer’s drum.

Then try to locate the source of where the washing machine is smoking. However, you can contact a repair service if you do not want to do it yourself. 

Smoking Washing Machine – What You Should Do?

You have good reason to be alarmed if you notice smoke coming from inside your washer or if there is a burning smell.

Not only is there a chance you will need to buy a new washer, but there is also a potential that a fire could break out and damage your home.

The fire danger due to a washing machine is pretty high, especially if you ignore the potential signs like the washer smoking. Knowing what to do to avoid a fire breaking out due to your washing machine is incredibly important. 

Depending on what type of damage the washing machine has, you may even be able to fix the issue yourself. 

Unplug the washer from the power source 

As a first step, immediately cut off the washer’s power. You should remove the washer from the grid supply and the plug from the wall outlet.

If there is an electrical issue, this is vital to stop more harm from occurring and reduce the chance of an electric shock. This way, you also prevent a fire from breaking out. 

Also, make sure that you drain the washing machine’s drum from any remaining water before you start looking for the source of the smoking. 

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Physical damage on the wire

Physical damage on the wire

After cutting off the electric power, you should check the washing machine’s cable for any visible damage. Check the top plug for any burning odors as you inspect it.

Sometimes sparks, warmth, and a burning odor can be brought on by unreliable cable connections in the top plug. 

Depending on the severity of the problem, this can usually be remedied by switching out the top plug and installing new cable connections.

If the issue turns out to be the washer’s cable, replace it with another of the same size.

Inspect the drive belt

If the washer’s cable is not the cause of the smoking, you should open the machine’s drum and check if the smoke is coming out of it. If that is the case, then it means that the drive belt is frayed

The cause of the washing machine’s belt being damaged may be due to overloading and the belt being under strain due to the weight. You can fix this by replacing the frayed drive belt with a new one. 

Check the drain pump 

You should also check that the washer is correctly emptying. If not, it can mean that your drain pump is stuck and unable to empty properly.

You can read through the washing machine’s guide manual to learn how to clear the jam.

Call a repair service

Call a repair service if you cannot locate the washing machine’s smoking source or feel uncomfortable repairing it yourself.

They will be able to tell you if the issue is repairable or if you will need a new washing machine. 

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What should I do if my washing machine is smoking? The first thing is to cut off the power supply to the washer. Only after there is no danger of electrical shocks should you continue with your inspection.

If the issue is minor, you may even be able to fix it yourself. However, as mentioned above, if you cannot find the smoke’s source, it is best to call a repair service.