As you know, washing machines are appliances that are built to last for a long time. However, not many people know how to dispose of their old washer when the time comes.

If everyone starts throwing away their washing machine, the landfills will be filled to the brim. So, can you recycle washing machines?

Just because you are done with your washing machine or want to buy a new one doesn’t mean you need to throw it away.

Let’s discover whether you can recycle your washing machine!

Can You Recycle Washing Machines

Can You Recycle Washing Machines?

Yes, you can recycle your washing machine if you are no longer using it. You can find out if there are any recycling centers near you and take it there yourself. Or, if you can’t provide the transportation, call the recycling center and have them collect it.

However, if the washing machine is still working, you can donate or resell it. 

Recycling Washing Machines 

The washing machine industry is ever-growing, and the United States is among the highest-ranked washer users in the world. In fact, the country was the world’s top importer of washing machines in 2020, with 1.66 billion. 

However, with so many imported washing machines, one can’t help but wonder what happens to the old ones. Filling up the landfills with old appliances can harm the environment.

Recycling your washing machine is the best way to get rid of it. Many home appliances are disposed of in landfills, significantly contributing to soil and water contamination. If you have a suitable vehicle, you can transport your washing machine in the electrical container to the nearest recycling facility.

Since washing machines are considered hazardous waste, they should not be thrown out with other home garbage. This is because washing machines include components that could harm the environment if dumped in a landfill.

The majority of a washing machine’s materials are metal and plastic. Nevertheless, some older versions also include chlorofluorocarbons, which can significantly impact Earth’s ozone. Each of these parts must be properly separated by trained individuals and recycled at a recycling facility.

Additional Ways of Disposing of Washing Machines 

Give it to your manufacturer 

Another way to dispose of an unwanted washing machine is by letting your manufacturer take it away when they bring you your new appliance. Manufacturers like LG, Bosch, and Whirlpool have their own recycling programs. 

Therefore, if the same company manufactures your old washer as your new one, ask them if they have a recycling program. 

Some companies will even take your old washing machine even if they don’t manufacture it. This is because washing machines contain parts that can be reused again. Plus, they have experts that know how to safely disassemble the washing machine without further damaging it.

If your old washing machine is still operational, but you don’t need it anymore and plan to upgrade, you can always donate it.

Many charity organizations accept donations of home appliances. Someone who might not normally be able to afford a washing machine will appreciate your donation.

Also, you don’t have to contact a charity shop if you know someone in your community who needs a working washer. You can ask them if they want your old washing machine.

Resell it

Another excellent way to dispose of the washing machine and also earn some extra cash is by selling it second-hand. As long as your old washing machine is in good working condition, you can list it on one of the resale sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. 

If you resell your old washing machine, you can put the money you get towards getting a better washer. Also, you can keep the money if you have already gotten a new washing machine. It never hurts to save for a rainy day.

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So, can you recycle washing machines? To recap, yes, you can. If you are environmentally conscious, you wouldn’t want to contribute to the increasing waste in landfills. Thus, it is incredibly useful to recycle your old washing machine.

You can search for local recycling centers that will take it off your hands. However, as I mentioned, if your old washing machine is in good working condition, it is better to donate or resell it.