Front-loading washing machines are often considered to be better than top-loading ones. While with top-loading washers, you can open the lid and take out your laundry, when unloading a front-loading one, you need to bend down.

This is where washing machine pedestals are useful. Putting your washing machine on a pedestal will raise it, making loading and unloading the washer significantly easier. But are washing machine pedestals universal?

Let’s find out!


Are Washing Machine Pedestals Universal?

Not all washing machine pedestals are universal and interchangeable. While some might be used for more than one washing machine, most vary from brand to brand. 

Moreover, pedestals differ according to their dimensions, weight limits, and colors, even within the same brand. 

Using a Washing Machine Pedestal

Top-loading washing machines may be more convenient for loading and unloading as you do not need to bend down, but front-loading washers are more beneficial in all other areas.

Front-loading washing machines use less water, wash laundry better, and last longer. Despite this, front-loading washers are sought after less than top-loading ones.

If you find it difficult to deal with loading a front-loading washer, you can place it on a pedestal. However, are washing machine pedestals universal? When buying a pedestal, you must be careful and choose one suitable for your washing machine, as not all are universal.

A washing machine pedestal is an elevated platform on which the washer is placed. This can be helpful if you have a front-loading washing machine and want to elevate it off the ground to make loading and unloading easier.

Washing machine pedestals can vary in size, color, height, finish, weight, and features depending on the brand. Therefore, not every pedestal and stand will line up with your washing machine. However, some pedestals can be used for more than one washing machine.

Benefits of a Washing Machine Pedestal

Extra storage space 

What people like about pedestals is also the extra storage space it provides. However, when buying your pedestal, ensure that you get one with drawers.

Pedestals with drawers allow you to pull out their front compartment and access the extra space. The pedestal drawer provides plenty of space for storing laundry-related items, including detergent, fabric softener, and lint rollers.

You can keep anything you may need for your laundry room in the extra storage space for easy access.

Shorter laundry time 

Having extra storage space for your laundry supplies can also help you shorten the time needed for doing laundry. Since all your needed supplies are in one space, you will not need to look for them before starting a wash cycle.

No more back pain 

Bending down to load and continuously unload your front-loading washing machine for years can lead to serious back pain. This is why a large percentage of the population decides to buy a top-loading washing machine despite not providing them with the added benefits. 

However, buying a pedestal for your front-loading washing machine will significantly raise it from the floor. This will make it easier for you to take out and put clothes in the machine drum without worrying about back pain.

Protect your toddlers

When your babies grow into toddlers, they are curious about everything, not to mention extremely grabby. At that age, they begin to walk and want to explore everything, which is a normal part of life.

However, if they get into your laundry room and access the laundry supplies, it can be dangerous. The buttons on your washing machine for your toddler are only new toys, and they will press them all. 

However, with the laundry supplies put away inside the pedestal and the machine raised on it, the toddler cannot access either.

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So, are washing machine pedestals universal? Well, as I have mentioned above, not all pedestals are universal. Some pedestals can be used for more than one washer. 

However, most washing machine pedestals are not universal and differ based on dimensions, weight limit, and even color. It is important to get one that fits and can handle the weight of your washing machine.