One of the most helpful items a home may have is a washing machine. Having the newest washing machine model is an excellent investment until you find all those programs too confusing and start reconsidering your decision.

Like you, I’ve been there, so I decided to give you a hand finding your way around and learning more about washing machine programs. 

So, what is Rinse and Spin in washing machine? Today I will explain everything about those functions, how long they take, and when you can use them.

Let’s start!

What Is Rinse and Spin in Washing Machine

What Is Rinse and Spin in Washing Machine?

Rinse and Spin isn’t a heavy-duty washing machine program; it just removes the excess water from the clothes and leaves them almost dry.

Since it doesn’t involve detergent, this program can be used for clothes that aren’t so dirty, maybe if you got wet a little from the rain.

Also, I recommend using it if you are allergic to detergents as an extra safety method to get rid of the residue from the fabric.

Washing Machine Rinse and Spin Programs: Explained 

Rinse program

Rinse involves:

  • Drawing freshwater.
  • Soaking and draining the water.
  • Spinning the clothes to remove the excess soap.
  • Repeating the process if needed.

The purpose of this option is to rinse the clothes to remove extra detergent. Throughout the rinsing stage, the laundry circulates in two directions for the water to remove the dirt and soap from the cloth and wash them with fresh water.

However, you’ll need more rinses if you use bleach or another heavy detergent for stain removal. Also, if you use fabric softener, it’s added in the final stage.

The rinse cycle begins immediately after the wash cycle has drained and spun, and it takes 10 to 15 minutes. Usually, it’s determined by the load size; the larger it is, the longer the cycle will last.

Spin program

The spin itself is a limited function and extracts excess water from the clothes. It is used in many stages of the washing cycle. It’s similar to how we spray water from clothes while hand washing to remove the detergent and dirt.

The spin is also the last activity leaving the clothes almost dry. It makes the clothes easier to take them out and hang them on a clothesline or near a fan.

Unlike rinsing, spinning, also called spin drier, goes only in a single direction expelling water from the cloth by centrifugal force. It takes about three minutes on average, depending on the size of the load.

You can use a separate spin cycle if your laundry is dripping wet once you take it out.

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Rinse + Spin

What is rinse and spin in washing machine? This washing cycle is a unique program and is very functional for not-so-dirty clothes and delicate fabrics that need less time in the washer so that the heavier programs won’t damage them.

First, the rinse and spin will drain any excess water from the clothes and add more water. This program rinses the load and then spins it. 

When the final cycle happens, it will spin the clothes at a very high speed and remove the excess water from them, leaving them almost dry.

What to wash 

The Rinse and Spin program is used for additional washing if you think your clothes aren’t clean enough, and remove the excess water so that they won’t be dripping wet. Since this program isn’t deep cleaning, it doesn’t use any detergent.

  • Clothes are washed by hand, and you want them to be rinsed and spun in the washer.
  • You have put too much detergent and want to clean the clothes from feeling too soapy. 
  • Wash something that’s not too dirty, like a rained wet cloth, to save electricity from putting it on a full cycle.
  • Delicate materials that need a gentle wash to avoid damage.
  • If you have allergies to detergents, rinse and spin can be used to remove the detergent residue from the clothing as an extra safety step.

How long does it take?

There is no average time, which usually varies from machine to machine. Some washers have an express setting that allows the cycle to be completed in less than an hour.

Generally speaking, from my experience, the perfect Rinse and Spin cycle typically takes an average of 45 minutes. However, some washers complete the program in just 20 minutes.

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To conclude, what is rinse and spin in washing machine? After carefully reading my article, I hope you should know about the programs.

Now you can use your washing machine without a problem!