You can thoroughly extract the limescale from your washer and make the laundry smell fresh again by descaling. However, what if there is a product that tackles two birds with one stone?

What if a product can effectively clean two of the most used appliances in your home: the dishwasher and the washing machine? But is it safe to use dishwasher tablets to clean washing machine?

Lately, there has been a social media trend featuring dishwasher tablets and washers. Since most homes feature both devices, the idea is a no-brainer.

Plus, home appliances come with a large energy bill, and using one cleaning product can save you a couple of dollars every month.

So, I am here to answer all your dishwasher and washing machine-related questions.

Is It Safe to Use Dishwasher Tablets to Clean Washing Machine

Is It Safe to Use Dishwasher Tablets to Clean Washing Machine?

Dishwasher tablets are very effective, and just like they can make your dishwasher shine, they can also thoroughly clean the washing machine.

Having said that, dishwasher tablets contain highly acidic features that can ruin your washer. The technique is effective, but is it safe to use dishwasher tablets to clean washing machine? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many brands that manufacture washing machines forbid the usage of dishwasher tablets for cleaning purposes. You can use the tablets for the washer, but you shouldn’t. 

If you are still on the fence and question my expertise, let me explain why you shouldn’t use tablets in the washing machine.

Using dishwasher tablets to clean the washing machine

Using tablets to clean the washing machine is a housekeeping hack that became popular thanks to social media platforms. 

The idea behind the process is that a dishwasher tablet will remove the nasty odor from the washer and the rancid limescale.

However, besides the effectiveness of the technique, there is something that you should also consider, like the safety of the washer. Thus, is it safe to use dishwasher tablets to clean washing machine?

Absolutely not, as you saw; there are many other alternatives that you can use to clean the washer without compromising its lifespan.

A dishwasher tablet will not clean the washer as thoroughly and effectively as you think. The tablet will not properly dissolve at lower temperatures, and the chemical agent in dishwashing detergents can cause the washing machine to fill up with foam.

How Many Dishwasher Tablets You Need to Clean a Washing Machine?

If you still like to risk it and use dishwasher tablets to clean the washer, you only need four. You can add the tablets directly to the washer’s drum.

Therefore, start the wash cycle on hot and leave the machine to do its thing. Once the running cycle is finished, you can enjoy your fresh-smelling machine and start adding laundry.

Using more than four tablets can leave a residue behind and impact the clothes in your next washing cycle. Not only that, but it is an unnecessary use of tablets. Only two tablets will do the trick if you have a smaller washing machine.

A disclaimer: Manufacturers of washing machines do not recommend using dishwasher tablets for cleaning the washer. The best practices are specific products for washing machines or homemade solutions like white vinegar or soda.

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Disadvantages of Using Dishwasher Tablets to Clean the Washing Machine

I have already mentioned the biggest drawback of using dishwasher tablets in the washer: they can damage the washing machine in the long run and shorten the machine’s life.

The tablets created for dishwashers have highly acidic features that can harm many parts of the washer, like hoses and rubber seals.

So, here are some other disadvantages of using tablets in the washer:

  • You can void the warranty by using dishwasher tablets for the washing machine.
  • Dishwasher tablets do not work very well in low temperatures.
  • Dishwasher tablets often leave a residue that can leave a nasty odor in your laundry.
  • The ingredients in the tablets are not suitable for a washing machine.
  • Foam overflow.


So, is it safe to use dishwasher tablets to clean washing machine? No, it is not. Alternatives like a descaler, soda, or white vinegar, can better clean your washing machine.

If you like to live on the edge and still utilize dishwasher tablets, you know how many to use after reading my article. Dishwasher tablets are not formulated for washing machines, and there is no reason to mix both worlds.