The washing machine provides convenience when doing laundry as part of the chores. That said, in a wash cycle, they go through vibrations and can make a lot of movements.

Also, if you lack space for the appliance, you might look for alternative options for its placement. So, can washing machines be wall mounted?

Let’s find out in this article.

Can Washing Machines Be Wall Mounted

Can Washing Machines Be Wall Mounted?

If the washing machine makes a lot of movements when working, it can be mounted on the wall. That said, manufacturers recommend a certain distance between the appliance and the wall

Moreover, the washing machines shouldn’t be hanging when attached to the wall, as, during the wash cycle, the appliance goes through extreme vibrations.

However, there are some washing machine models designed to be mounted to hang on the wall.

Mounting the Washing Machine

The washing machine is demanding when it comes to space. If you also have a dryer or other appliances in the room, there might not be enough space for its placement.

One possibility is to mount the appliance on a raised surface to avoid bending when you fill the washing machine. However, the washing machine shouldn’t be hanging, as it can easily fall and cause damage.

People with specific disabilities may encounter accessibility issues when using such an appliance and are looking for an easily accessible washing machine. But can washing machines be wall mounted?

The distance between the washing machine and the wall

To prevent your washing machine from moving around during the washing cycle, mount it on the wall and ensure it is stable. 

Based on the manufacturers’ recommendations, all appliances, including washing machines, should be placed at a certain distance from the wall. 

When in the spin cycle, the washing machines can bounce and slightly shift from their place. Such movements can damage the washing machine and the object nearby. 

When you position the washing machine, you also must ensure to leave a few centimeters due to the water intake hose in the back. 

However, to mount a conventional washing machine so that it is hanging, you will need a lightweight, compatible model. Moreover, you will need to ensure the wall is stable enough to withhold the machine’s weight as it vibrates.

Given that this is impossible, several manufacturers have introduced washing machine models designed to be wall-mounted. These miniature-mounted units are very convenient and don’t require much space to be positioned.

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About wall-mounted washer machines

About wall-mounted washer machines 

Such washing machines are very small and limit the users on how many clothes they can wash at once. They are available for purchase online and in specific shopping centers.

Unlike floor models, these mounted units weigh up to 3 kg and hang on the wall. When their door is opened, they don’t interfere with any objects in the room. 

However, they are also limited in size, meaning that you won’t be able to wash plenty of clothes at the same time. 

Compared with conventional washing machines, these units are lightweight, have rounded corners, and have a futuristic appearance. 

The Best Spots for a Washing Machine

Now, let’s see some of the best spots for positioning a washing machine. The bathroom is an obvious choice when it comes to washing machine placement. 

However, if you don’t have enough space, placing the washing machine under the washbasin counter is also a good option. 

Moreover, you can place the washing appliance under the kitchen counter if your bathroom is very small. Also, an uncommon alternative is placing the appliance under an island in the kitchen

Other placement options for a washing machine include placing the appliance under the staircase on a built-out wall, in a wardrobe, or in a pantry. 

All of these options work well for people with limited space, as the washing machine requires ample space for placement. 

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So, can washing machines be wall mounted? A very common question for people that don’t have enough space for the washing machine or have accessibility problems is. 

While the machines can be mounted on the wall, they shouldn’t be hanging as they can fall due to their weight and movements during a washing cycle.