You’ve landed in the realm of appliance nostalgia. Whether it’s a laundry veteran or a recent addition, deciphering the age of your Bosch machine involves more than a mere inspection.

I was wondering the same: how old is my Bosch washing machine? Join me as I delve into the fascinating world of serial numbers, decoding manufacturing dates.

Prepare to be intrigued by the intricate web of digits and dates that reveal the tale of your washing machine’s creation.

It’s time to unlock the chronicles of your Bosch’s journey through time.

How Old Is My Bosch Washing Machine?

Ah, the age-old question – quite literally! If you’ve ever wondered about the manufacture date of your Bosch washing machine, you’re not alone.

Unraveling this mystery involves some detective work, as these machines don’t come with a “created on” label. Instead, the key lies within the serial number.

Bosch, like many manufacturers, embeds production information in this seemingly random sequence of digits. You can unearth the manufacturing date with a little decoding – a hidden timestamp that reveals when your laundry companion first saw the light of day.

For instance, Bosch washing machines are typically warranted for 10 years. However, the average lifespan of a Bosch washing machine is around 13 years. So, your washing machine may be around 3 years old.

How Old Is My Bosch Washing Machine?

How Can I Tell How Old My Bosch Washing Machine Is?

There are many different ways to estimate the age of your Bosch washing machine.

The closest way to finding out how old your machine is will be the date of purchase. If you have the receipt or documentation of when it was bought, that will give you the age of the machine.

Another method would be looking for any visible serial or model numbers on the machine. These should be placed in an easily findable location, such as underneath the door of the washing compartment.

Once you have located these numbers, a simple online search should pull up results telling you what year and model your washing machine is.

If your washing machine displays any diagnostic error codes, these can also sometimes give away clues as to how old the appliance is.

Frequently, specific error codes are generated by specific models or generations of machines so that they can indicate your washing machine’s age.

Ultimately, if you are still unsure about the age of your Bosch washing machine, it may be worth contacting customer support directly for more information and assistance.

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Reading a Bosch Date Code

Bosch date codes are typically located on the side of the unit, near the electrical connection. The code may be stamped into the metal or printed on a label.

The code consists of a letter and two numbers. The letter indicates the month of manufacture, with A being January and L being December. The first number is the last digit of the year, and the second number is the week within that year.

For example, a code that reads B95 means that the unit was manufactured in February 1995 (B), during the 9th week (95). 

What Is an FD Number in Bosch Washing Machines?

An FD number in Bosch washing machines is the factory default setting. When a machine is delivered from the factory, this number will be set in it.

The FD number stands for “factory default.” It is a preset wash cycle that has been found to clean clothes effectively without damaging them.

Many people choose to leave their machines on this setting permanently, as it requires no adjustments and always results in a good wash.

How to read the Bosch FD number

The FD number on a Bosch dishwasher is a code that indicates the model of the dishwasher. The first two letters indicate the series of the dishwasher, and the last four numbers indicate the specific model of the dishwasher.

For example, FD 6456 would indicate a model 06 dishwasher in the 46th series.


How old is my Bosch washing machine? Unveiling the age of your Bosch washing machine might lack a straightforward label.

Delving into the serial number’s intricate code, you’ll unlock the hidden chronicles of its creation. Bosch’s clever encoding offers a window into its manufacturing date, revealing when your laundry partner was born.

Interestingly, with Bosch washing machines boasting an average lifespan of about 13 years, your machine’s age could be a few years younger than you thought.

So, as you marvel at its efficiency, remember that beneath its surface lies a story of innovation, reliability, and the evolving tapestry of time.