In the past, and even nowadays, some denim manufacturers advise you only to hand wash jeans to preserve the denim.

However, like all other technology, washing machines have come far from where they began. Modern washing machines have settings for various fabrics. But how do you wash jeans in a washing machine?

If you are wondering, know that it is pretty easy to figure it out. Below I will outline what you should pay attention to in order to prevent ruining your jeans.

Let’s learn!

How Do You Wash Jeans in a Washing Machine

How Do You Wash Jeans in a Washing Machine?

To wash jeans in a washing machine, follow these steps: 

  1. Prepare your jeans.
  2. Consider washing mode and temperature.
  3. Use good detergent. 
  4. Carefully dry the jeans. 

Washing Your Jeans in a Washing Machine

You must be careful when washing your jeans in a washing machine because denim is a delicate fabric that can be easily damaged.

As jeans are one of the most popular clothing items, everyone needs to know how to wash them properly.

Prepare your jeans 

The first thing you should do before you put the jeans in the washing machine is to prepare them. By preparing them, you avoid damaging the fabric or your washing machine with the metal pieces on them.

Start by checking all the pockets for small items, then fasten all the locks and buttons on the jeans. 

After that, turn the jeans inside out to avoid further damage to the material by rubbing them against other clothes. 

Washing mode and temperature

The key to correctly washing jeans is proper temperature selection. The recommended washing machine temperature for jeans is 80 °F to 90 °F. It would be best not to put jeans in hot water since doing so could cause significant shrinkage.

Furthermore, despite the exterior’s appearance of density and strength, heavy washing is not recommended for denim. The material may distort under a strong mechanical impact, speeding up the material’s deterioration. 

Select the proper program if you want your jeans to last long. Most modern washing machines have a setting for denim washing.

However, you should set the washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle if yours does not.

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Washing Your Jeans in a Washing Machine

Use a good detergent

You must avoid using bleach detergents as they will ruin the color of the denim, not to mention the fact that they can damage the fabric significantly. Instead, it will be best for you to buy a milder detergent that is environmentally friendly. 

If you want the denim fabric on your jeans to be softer, use a mild fabric softener in the wash cycle. 

Carefully dry the jeans

When your jeans are done in your washing machine comes the drying part, which is equally essential to preserving the denim fabric.

You can dry the jeans without damaging them by following these steps:

  • Once your jeans are washed in the washing machine, they should not be left for a longer time in the washer. As soon as the cycle is finished, take them out of the washing machine drum.
  • The ideal place to dry the pants is on the terrace or outside. However, avoid letting the jeans dry in direct sunlight because they can lose their original color and become lighter. 
  • Then hang the jeans by the top or bottom edge of your clothing rack.
  • Straighten the fabric with a gentle pull from the bottom using your hands.
  • If you plan on ironing your jeans, ensure that you do it while they are still damp. The iron should be heated to roughly 150 °F, not more, as denim fabric does not fare well with heat. 

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So, how do you wash jeans in a washing machine? If you still wonder about that, you can read the step-by-step guide to find it out.

Gone are the days of hand washing clothes, thanks to technological advancements that resulted in modern washing machines.

Most machines today have specific settings on them for washing denim/jeans. But even if yours does not, all you have to do is set the wash cycle on gentle or delicate, and it will not damage your jeans.