Proper washing machine maintenance is essential for preserving its performance and hygiene. Dettol cleaner stands out for its effectiveness among the various cleaning products available.

However, knowing precisely where to put Dettol washing machine cleaner is crucial to ensure optimal results. Following the correct instructions, you can ensure your washing machine remains free from buildup, odors, and bacteria, extending its lifespan and keeping your laundry fresh and clean.

In this article, I will explore the placement of the Dettol cleaner, helping you make the most of this product and maintain a well-functioning, sanitary washing machine.

Where to Put Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner?

There are different ways to use Dettol washing machine cleaner.

You can either use it as a pre-wash cycle by adding it to the laundry detergent compartment of your washing machine, or you can use it during the main wash cycle by adding it directly into the washing machine drum.

If you want to achieve optimal results, I recommend using Dettol washing machine cleaner during both the pre-wash and main wash cycles.

Furthermore, the best place to put a washing machine cleaner is in the dispenser. That way, it can be distributed evenly throughout the cycle and do its job properly.

If you don’t have a dispenser, then follow the instructions on the packaging and add it directly to the drum of your washing machine. Either way, make sure you run an empty cycle afterward to rinse out any residue.

Where to Put Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner?

Can You Use Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner in a Top Loader?

Yes, you can absolutely use Dettol washing machine cleaner in a top loader. I actually just did this recently, and it worked great.

I have an HE top load washer, so I was a little bit concerned about using a cleaner that wasn’t specifically made for HE machines, but the Dettol washing machine cleaner did a great job. My washing machine is sparkly clean and smells fresh now.

I would highly recommend following the directions on the back of the bottle. I used one capful of the cleaner and ran my empty washing machine on the hottest setting.

After the cycle finished, I wiped down the inside of the machine with a clean cloth to remove any residue. If you have a front-load washing machine, I would recommend doing this every few months to keep your machine clean and fresh.

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How Do You Use Dettol Cleaner?

To use Dettol cleaner, simply add it to your washing machine according to the instructions on the back of the bottle. You can either add it to the detergent compartment or directly into the drum of your machine.

For best results, I recommend using Dettol cleaner during both the pre-wash and main wash cycles.

Ensuring Safety and Effectiveness

Proper usage of Dettol washing machine cleaner not only guarantees a clean and fresh laundry experience but also ensures the safety of both your washing machine and your household.

To achieve this, it’s crucial to follow safety precautions, prevent potential damage, and optimize the cleaning benefits of the product.

Following the safety precautions on the product label

  • Protective Measures: Always wear gloves and avoid contact with eyes and skin when handling the cleaner. This precaution safeguards you from any potential irritation caused by the product.
  • Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in the laundry area to prevent inhaling any fumes that may arise during the cleaning process.
  • Keep Out of Reach: Store the product out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or exposure.

Preventing damage to the washing machine

  • Read the Manual: Check your washing machine’s user manual to identify the designated compartment for additives. Placing the cleaner in the wrong compartment may lead to damage.
  • Compatibility Check: Verify that the cleaner is compatible with your washing machine’s material and components. Some cleaning agents might not be suitable for certain types of machines.
  • Avoid Overloading: Don’t overload the washing machine, as excessive weight could affect its performance and potentially lead to malfunctions.


So, where to put Dettol washing machine cleaner? The dispenser is the ideal spot for the cleaner to ensure effective distribution and performance. If a dispenser isn’t available, follow the packaging instructions, and add the cleaner to the drum.

Regardless of your choice, remember to run an empty cycle afterward to eliminate any leftover residue. This diligent approach guarantees a cleaner, fresher washing machine, and laundry.

Moreover, to make the most of the Dettol washing machine cleaner, you have two options: utilizing it as a pre-wash treatment in the detergent compartment or adding it directly to the washing machine drum during the main wash cycle.