Washing machines as appliances have come a long way from where they began. Modern washing machines are incredibly technologically advanced. Most of them can even be connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

Besides the different types of washing machines, including top-loading and front-loading ones, you can also find hot and cold fill machines, with the latter being more common. But when did washing machines become cold fill only?

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When Did Washing Machines Become Cold Fill Only
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When Did Washing Machines Become Cold Fill Only? 

Cold fill machines use an in-built heater to heat up the water, and they were first introduced in 1961 in top-loading washing machines.

By the 1970s, manufacturers also put the in-built heaters on front-loading washing machines. Making this type of heating element a standard feature on all washers. 

Cold Fill Washing Machines

Cold fill washing machines are types of washers with an in-built heater to heat up cold water and clean the clothes better.

The first time in-built heaters were introduced was in the early 1980s and were made by General Electric Company. These machines were part of their automatic line of washing machines called “Hotpoint”.

Initially, only top-loading washing machines had in-built heaters, but that changed by the time the 70s rolled around. By then, in-built heaters had become a standard feature for all washing machines.

Today, cold fill washers are more common than hot fill washing machines, with most households around the globe choosing cold fill ones. However, due to demand, they are also manufactured in higher numbers, meaning hot-fill washing machines are harder to find. 

You can use hot water to wash your clothing in a machine with a built-in heater. A professional hot water wash softens the fabric and removes stubborn stains far better than regular water temperature. 

Removing bacteria and enzymes from the laundry is further aided by water above 140 °F, providing a hygienic wash and exceptionally clean clothing.

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Why Do People Choose Cold Fill Washers
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Why Do People Choose Cold Fill Washers?

A cold fill washer improves washing efficiency when utilizing biological detergents and washing at 104 °F. This is because the detergent’s enzymes function best at low temperatures and lose effectiveness at high ones.

For those who use biological detergent, a cold fill is preferable. When utilizing biological detergents, starting with cold water improves the quality of the wash.

Many of the enzymes responsible for removing stains and dirt can be killed by pouring hot water (at least 140 °F) into the drum when using biological detergent.

How Do Cold Fill Washing Machines Work?

You do not have to pour hot water over your clothes with a cold fill washer. Instead, they work by submerging the clothes in cold water so the in-built heater will warm up. The in-built heating element can be gas-fired or an electric heater. 

Cold fill washing machines use less water than hot filled ones as the in-built heater heats up only the amount of water needed for the wash load.

After the water is warmed up, it is used to clean the wash load more effectively by better breaking down the detergent used.

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Benefits of Cold Fill Washing Machines

Cold fill washers provide users with numerous benefits due to the in-built heating element they have.

Some of the benefits of cold fill washing machines include the following:

  • The in-built heaters in cold fill washers help improve your washing machine’s overall performance.
  • Cold fill washers can help to reduce the energy consumption in your household.
  • They heat up the water needed for your wash load without wasting too much water. This also saves you on your water bill.
  • They can reduce the drying time for your clothes because they do not overuse water.


When did washing machines become cold fill only? If you wonder when washing machines become cold fill only, the answer is that the first one was introduced in 1961.

Since they have been gaining popularity worldwide, cold fill machines are the norm today, with hot fill washers being much harder to find.

People prefer cold fill washers as they have an in-built heater, meaning you do not have to pour hot water on your clothes for better cleaning. This also saves more energy and is cost-efficient.