Hard water buildup is bad for your washer. It will not permanently damage it, but it may reduce its lifespan and bring you high repair bills.

The repairs may cost around $50 to $400, which is a pretty high amount for hard water buildup repairs. But how to remove hard water buildup from washing machine? You can take some preventive and protective steps to extend the washer’s lifespan.

There are multiple ways to do it, so check the tips below and learn how to easily remove hard water buildup from the washing machine at home.

Let’s start and see how to minimize water damage!

How to Remove Hard Water Buildup From Washing Machine

How to Remove Hard Water Buildup From Washing Machine

The best way to remove hard water buildup from the washer’s tub is to pour white vinegar inside the tub and run the hottest and longest washing program on the machine. Do not add detergents. After the first cycle, you run the same program and temperature to clean up the tub completely. This step removes the vinegar leftovers.

Vinegar is a natural household product that can help you clean different appliances and items in your home. It may also help you with hard water buildup since it has an incredible ability to combat stains and dirt, including those from hard water.

If the vinegar doesn’t work alone, you can add a few tablespoons of baking soda. This powerful combination removes most stains and dirt in your home, including the mineral buildups from the washing machine’s tub.

To prevent future hard water buildup, you must take care of the washing machine tub and filters. In continuation, I would like to mention multiple ways and products that will help you fight against hard water buildups.

How to Prevent Hard Water Buildup

Use high-quality liquid detergent

Powdered detergents are not recommended if you have hard water issues. The powdered detergents make things even worse since they bond with the water’s minerals instead of reducing them.

Instead of powdered, switch to liquid detergent. Most liquid detergents have non-ionic surfactants that do not bond with water’s minerals but dissolve them. The best liquid detergent for hard water is generally the one with low pH.

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How to Prevent Hard Water Buildup
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Use a hard water booster

These solutions are excellent for cleaning and preventing hard water minerals from building up on the machine parts.

Hard water boosters do not let calcium interact with detergent. If you opt for this product, you can continue using the current detergents, even if it is a powdered one.

Increase the washing temperature

High water temperatures help break down the water minerals. This solution might be good if you practice cleaning the washer with vinegar every two months or once a month. Simply run the highest temperature program, and the machine will clean itself.

Washing clothes at higher temperatures is not recommended because the clothes might wear out faster and fade. Also, using high water temperatures for washing clothes will increase utility bills.

Keep in mind that this solution is just a temporary option and should be done rarely, depending on the hard water issues you face.

Soften the water

If the hard water situation is alarming, it might be best to invest in a water softener. This solution is a pricier option because it is a complete water-softening system. The price may range from $500 to $5,000.

A water softener system will not only keep your washer safe but also softens the water you use for showering, drinking, and washing dishes. This results in cleaner dishes as well as softer and healthier hair and skin after showering.

Having this system will keep your bathroom and kitchen clean, with no white marks and buildups on the dishes, shower glass, mirror, and sink.

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Hard water might cause many issues around the home and make things look dirty, even if they are completely cleaned up. The washing machine is one of the appliances that struggle the most in this case.

You may see the tub and clothes with white stains and buildups, which will make you seek a solution on how to remove hard water buildup from washing machine and clothes.

Overall, I hope this article has helped you solve this issue!