After a certain period, some home appliances build up limescale. To keep your devices clean and prolong their functionality and lifespan, you must frequently clean them.

Limescale is a hard, chalk-like substance that can cause a lot of damage to appliances and reduce their efficiency over time.

So, can you use descaler in washing machine? When it comes to washing machines, the residues can damage each batch of clothes and leave them with a nasty smell.

If you let the buildup intact, your washer can stop heating the water properly, in which case you will need an engineer to fix the problem.

In this article, I will talk about washer descaling, whether it can be done, how often, and how you can prolong the life of your washing machine.

Can You Use Descaler in Washing Machine

Can You Use Descaler in Washing Machine?

Yes, you can use a descaler in a washing machine. You can use a standard descaler or home alternatives like white vinegar to eliminate the limescale. 

Products specifically designed for the descaling will definitely show more long-lasting results than homemade solutions, just something to keep in mind.

Magnetic descalers are the most convenient choice, and they can effectively break down molecules by turning hard water soft. Another great option would be a descaler in a powdered form.

How to Descale a Washing Machine

If you closely follow my instructions, you can easily descale your washer and remove all the unnecessary substances.

Your washing machine will start to run smoothly again, and each batch of laundry will smell fresh.

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly descale a washer:

  1. Ensure that each piece of clothing is removed and the washer is completely empty.
  2. Put the descaler in the detergent drawer and close it.
  3. Run a wash cycle at 140 °F without a pre-wash. Do not interrupt the process and let it run its course. 
  4. Afterward, do the same wash cycle at the same temperature but this time without a descaling powder. Again, leave the process to finish without interruptions.

Empty the washer 

By emptying the washer, you can ensure that none of your clothes get stains. The first step is crucial, and you must carefully check the cuff.

You can do a couple of empty tub spins to ensure no socks or underpants are left behind. 

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Fill The Detergent Drawer With Descaler

Fill the detergent drawer with descaler 

In the detergent drawer, you have to pour the descaler carefully. The dosage depends on the product that you choose. I suggest you always stick to the dose labeled on the descaler’s package. 

If you choose a homemade alternative as a descaler, like soda, or white vinegar, you can use as much as you prefer. Remember that a store-bought descaler will give you the best results.

After all, the product is created solely for cleaning purposes.

Run a wash cycle 

Now you need to start a washing cycle, preferably at 140 °F. You can start a washing program at 104 °F, but 140 °F gives the best results. 

An important thing here to remember is that regardless of the temperature, you need to start the cycle without a pre-wash. 

Also, you must leave the washer to run the cycle until the end. If the program is interrupted, the machine cannot be properly cleaned.

Run the same cycle 

After the first washing cycle with the descaler ends, the chances are there is still some powder left in the washer.

To empty the drum, you must rerun the same program without a descaler. 

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How Often Should You Descale the Washing Machine?

Too much descaling can also damage the drum of your washer, so you must find a perfect balance. 

To achieve the best results, you should descale the washing machine about three times a year. If limescale is left unattended, it can slowly build over time and damage the heating element, which will burn your pocket.

Regular maintenance is the key to preserving the top condition of each device. If you specifically buy a descaler for the washing machine, you can also use it on many different appliances like the dishwasher, coffeemaker, water tap filter, etc.

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Can you use descaler in washing machine? Well, as you saw, you can use a descaler to effectively remove the limescale from the washer.

So, I hope you have learned everything you need from this article, as it contains a full guide on how to clean the washer and prolong its life.