Mold is a fungus that can grow in most homes and buildings, especially in humid places, including washing machines. Mold grows in washing machines because of their moisture, which is also why it can often be found around leaks in roofs or pipes.

So, can you get mold out of a washing machine? The mold growing inside someone’s living space can have a negative impact on their health if not removed.

The smell can attach to clothes and other fabrics if you keep washing them in a mold-infested washing machine. It is important to remove the mold to avoid any issues.

Let’s discover more about this problem!

Can You Get Mold Out of a Washing Machine

Can You Get Mold Out of a Washing Machine?

You can get mold out of your washing machine by cleaning it out. Cleaning your washing machine regularly can also prevent mold from growing back again.

If you do not keep your washing machine clean, your clothes will smell bad instead of fresh after washing them.

How Do You Clean Mold Out of a Washing Machine?

Since your washing machine uses water to clean your clothes and other garments, it constantly retains moisture, making it a thriving environment for mold to grow.

According to statistics, around 70% of homes have mold, which is a pretty scary number given the serious health implications.

So, follow these instructions to clean your washing machine, which is arguably the biggest source of moisture in one’s home, and get rid of mold.

Ensure the washer is empty

Before cleaning it out, put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands. After that, check that your washing machine is empty and has no leftover detergent or fabric softener.

This is especially important if your machine has an automatic system for dispensing cleaning products.

Add a cleaning solution

Next, add a cup of chlorine bleach to the washing machine’s drum. If your washer’s drum is bigger, you will need to add more bleach, around one cup and a half.

Select a normal wash cycle for a large load on your washing machine’s control panel and set the water temperature to warm or hot.

Allow the machine to complete the full wash cycle. 

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Clean the drum with a soft towel

Clean the drum with a soft towel

After the wash cycle is complete, use a mix of bleach and hot water, in which you will dip a soft towel to thoroughly clean the inside of the drum. This will kill any leftover mold and bacteria.

When you are done cleaning, use a dry towel to wipe away all the moisture in the washing machine. Ensure that you wipe away every area of the machine you can reach, including the drum, seals, dispensers, etc.

As a final part of the cleaning process, leave the washing machine door open to air dry any parts you cannot reach with the towel.

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Ways to Prevent Mold From Growing in Your Washing Machine

Mold prefers warm, dark, and moist environments, especially those with a constant supply of food in the form of dirt, soil, and soap residue.

The most frequent methods for mold to enter your washing machine are avoidable.

  • Hand-wash moldy clothes in a white vinegar solution before putting them in your washing machine. Otherwise, the mold from your clothes will spread to other hidden parts of the washer.
  • Avoid using the incorrect detergent. For instance, some detergents should not be used in standard washing machines. They can produce excessive soap suds, which generate additional residue.
  • Do not keep the door closed when your machine is damp, as the warm environment will encourage mold growth. In between usage, always leave the lid or door open. This will allow all the moisture inside it to get out, preventing mold from growing inside the drum of the washing machine. 


Can you get mold out of a washing machine? Fortunately, yes! By following the instructions mentioned above, you can easily get mold out of your washing machine. 

As previously mentioned, washing machines can attract mold growth due to their moisture retention. For this reason, besides knowing how to clean it, you should also know how to prevent mold from ever forming again.