Suppose you just started your washing machine, remembering that you forgot to add the hoodie or a pair of jeans you planned to wash.

Or, you forgot to take out something valuable from the pocket of the cloth you have already added to the laundry. In that case, you probably are so concerned and wonder – “can I stop my washing machine early?”

Emergencies and mistakes happen all the time. Stopping the machine at the right time is best if you get into this kind of situation.

Let’s discover whether you can do it!

Can I Stop My Washing Machine Early

Can I Stop My Washing Machine Early?

You can stop the washing machine even if it just began working or is anywhere between the stop time. Stop the machine in case of emergency, but do not stop the program if there is no good reason to do it. Stopping the washer mid-cycle is okay, but it is not recommended to do it too often.

Choose a stopping method depending on the machine type and brand you have. Choose the pause button, stop button, or manual selection, or unplug the machine from the power source in extreme cases.

The main reason why you may have to stop the washing machine is its door-locking system. This feature is present in almost all side-loading machines.

Some top-loader machines have no locking system feature, and you can open the lid and add laundry even if the machine is working. However, it mainly depends on the machine type you have.

Common Reasons Why Someone May Want to Stop the Machine Early

Forgotten valuable items

Being in a hurry might result in forgetting valuable things inside the pockets of the clothes you just loaded in the washer.

So, if the reason for stopping the washer mid-cycle is the forgotten phone, key, cards, or money, it might be best to stop the program and remove the items as soon as possible.

You can do that by immediately stopping the washing machine or pausing the cycle. Suppose you run the cycle and suddenly realize that you forgot to remove some items from your pockets.

If this happens before the machine gets filled with water, it is best to opt for the pause program. The machine will stop the cycle slowly and unlock the door.

However, if you notice that things are tumbling inside the water tank, it might be best to choose the immediate stop option. Place a bucket or towel under the machine because water and bubbles might flow outside the machine.

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Missing load

Missing load is another reason why you may have to stop the washing machine. If you have noticed that you forgot to add laundry after the washer started the cycle, simply stop or pause the machine. Do not plug it off the power source because it might not be necessary in this case.

If you have a top-load washing machine, open the door and add the remaining laundry. Some machines have no locking systems and may let you add more laundry or check the load without stopping the washing cycle.

Wrong load

Adding the wrong load might be another reason to stop the washing machine midway. If you have messed up the whites with dark-colored ones but realize that after you started the washing machine program, you can pause or stop it and remove the unnecessary clothes.

Incorrect wash program

Choosing the incorrect wash program by mistake might lead to stopping the machine even after it starts working.

In this case, try to pause the machine and stop the program. Turn the machine off and back on, choosing the right program, or do it without turning off the machine if possible.

If the machine keeps working on the previous program, it is best to turn it off completely and restart it by choosing the correct washing program.

In case it restores the previous settings, you should unplug the machine from the power source, wait a few minutes, and plug it back. The settings should restart, and now you can set from the beginning the washing machine program you want.

Try to avoid this option as much as possible. Plugging the machine off the power should be your last option.

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So, can I stop my washing machine early? Yes, you can stop your washing machine early. It is essential to use the appropriate method to stop the machine depending on its type and brand.

For side-loading machines, the door-locking system may require pausing the cycle before opening the door, while some top-loaders may allow adding or removing laundry without stopping.

However, stopping the machine mid-cycle should be done judiciously, as it is not recommended to do it frequently.