Most washing machines are made of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, etc. These materials are generally recyclable, and you might want to know – are broken washing machines worth anything?

I was in this situation a couple of weeks ago, seeking information about the value of broken machines. I found some places where you can dispose of old washing and drying machines and get cash for them.

A broken washing machine might bring you some money depending on the metal amount and weight.

Let’s see which parts of the washing machine are worth something.

Are Broken Washing Machines Worth Anything

Are Broken Washing Machines Worth Anything?

If your broken washing machine is not worth repairing, it might be best to sell it as scrap metal. A scrap metal washer might bring you somewhere from $15 to $20 for about 200 pounds of aluminum.

However, it depends on the type of metal the machine has in it. Based on the latest scrap copper statistics, the prices for a pound of metals present in washing machines are:

  • Aluminum from $0.14 to $0.50 per pound (depending on the parts and their usability).
  • Copper from $0.92 to $3 per pound (whether a whole part or wire).
  • Iron is around $140 per ton.
  • Stainless steel from $0.10 to $0.22 per pound.

The pricing information is given by the prices at the current state. Prices may vary from day to day, which is why I set a range.

Things That Impact the Scrap Metal Price

Since scrap metal prices vary, you will never know the exact amount you can get for a broken washing machine. Nevertheless, multiple things might increase or decrease the ransom price.

Condition and quality

The main thing most scrap metal redeemers consider is the condition of the washing machine (in this case). The scrap metal you want to dispose of should be in good condition to get more money for it.

Metal quality is the second essential thing that affects the price given for scrap metal. If the construction of your broken washing machine is a mixture of multiple metals, you might get a lower price.

The cleaner the metal, the higher the price.

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Things That Impact the Scrap Metal Price

Market location

Each city has different scrap metal prices. If you are living in a city with a steel shortage, the price for steel might be drastically higher than the one for, for example, aluminum.

Conversely, if the city you live in has a steel surplus, the price for a pound of steel might be lower than expected.

Also, if the metal needs to be transported to another location for further processing, the price might be relatively lower.

The time of the year

The season is another thing that impacts the scrap steel price. You might think I’m mistaken, but yes, the time of the year predicts the scrap metal price as well.

When the weather is warm and nice, the recycled materials demand is higher. Most industries that use recycled metals work with full power during the warm seasons, while their manufacturing work slows down during the cold.

This often happens because the automobile and construction industries are busier during spring and summer. While during the cold winter days, steel isn’t transported often because of the icy roads and lower demand.

Supply and demand

The supply and demand of recyclable metals vary depending on the global need for specific metals.

When the demand for metal is high, the price of scrap steel increases. For example, the demand and price of copper will increase during a housing boom.

However, some metals are easy to find, and their price might often decrease. If a city has an abundance of aluminum, its price will keep dropping, while the price for other metals will increase.

If you want to receive more money for a broken washing machine, it might be good to wait for the right moment when demand is high.

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So, are broken washing machines worth anything? – Yes, they are!

Instead of throwing them out, think about disposing of them. Almost all washing machines have metal parts and construction which can be recycled and reused for something else.

In return, you may receive around $20. Better something than nothing!